The Wild Wagoner

Opening with a synesthetic interpretation of Jilson Setters’ The Wild Wagoner, join Jilson, a blind violinist, on a wild mountain adventure.
Made for collaboration with the Re-Envisioning America show at CalArts, 2010!

5 thoughts on “The Wild Wagoner

  1. This is AMAZING, Tahnee. You seriously outdid yourself here. I am stunned and speechless; I just stood in the main gallery watching this loop for a while. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. <3

  2. Wow, this is some seriously cool 2D/3D (lots of nice parallax effects) – extremely well done!!! What did you use to make this?

  3. 😀 I drew everything in my sketchbook as black and white ballpoint drawings, then went to town with After Effects. I made all my drawings into digital cut-outs in Photoshop and colored the majority of them there, as well. Go go gadget 3D cameras!

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