Pick your Poison

So the other day I went to the cafeteria for a cup of tea. “With Healthy Antioxidants” was the claim of my tea of choice.
Now, naturally people prefer to be healthy, even though they may choose to consume greasy bags of chips and the like.
But aren’t antioxidants healthy in the first place?
So why even MENTION that they’re healthy if it’s already a well-known fact?
So now I ask– if they’re advertising healthy drinks as being “healthy”, and if– in a hypothetical situation, there were two versions of the same poison (let’s say Arsenic)… One being slightly less lethal than the other, would it be advertised as “healthy” arsenic? Would people purchase it because it was “healthy”, even though Arsenic is a well-known poison?
And that was the random thought of the day.
On another note, films are all turned in…. YAAAAAY relaxation!