Body Worlds Exhibit

bodyworlds1 Body Worlds came to San Diego! Actually, they’ve surreptitiously been here since march 4th and they’re taking off October 4th. Good thing the paper was out, otherwise I would have never known!

At first, I swore I’d never go to one of these exhibits because… it’s CREEPY!! Dead people all chopped up and sliced and diced and dissected and plastic and shiny and eek! But that was back in high school, when our anatomy/phisiology teacher showed us the making-of-Body-Worlds video that was pretty creepy itself.

However, now that I’m dealing a lot with drawing the body, I saw the ad for BW in the paper and thought… you know what? That would be AMAZING to draw from!
–And was it ever! Though I’ve got to say I did get the shivers a few times because… seriously. They should have shaved the heads bald and removed all the hair and eyelashes because really? That’s just gross.


And then, the San Diego Natural History Museum has some sweet dinosaur sculptures, to boot.


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