Super Stoked!

Super Stoked!

Super Stoked!

VALUE BLiND is going to be in the Producer’s Show!!! YAY!

Last weekend was a blast– nearly 7 hours of films and the LA Renaissance Faire in Irwindale! (Hence, the geeky super-red-riding-hood photo). The Open Show had about 143 films! It started at 2:15 and then we had a break sometime between 6:30(ish) and 10(ish). I think the show ended at 1:30 AM. It’s actually a good thing that the break WAS that long, because coordinating 15 people (or more specifically, “animators”) for dinner and Starbucks apparently takes an unbelievable amount of time.

The next day, another massive group of us all headed to Irwindale for the Renaissance Faire! Got a bit of a late start, but it was all good in the end– got to see a pirate band play, listened to all sorts of strange accents and got to look at lots of amazing (and silly) costumes. Some people clearly could not hide their geekdom, others looked like they had access to a time machine a long time ago and felt that they fit in best in the ren faire atmosphere. It was pirate weekend, so most of us dressed as pirates.

Then, after getting out of class early last night (missed the Milt Kahl special, dangit!) the list of films that made it into Producer’s was up– and I’m one of them!! Yayy!!! The Producer’s Show is on May 7th in the Leonard H. Goldenson Theatre at 8. Gonna be fun! I get to hand out programs 😀

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