Allie’s Adventure


alliesadventures2  This is Allie.

She knows she’s really hideous with her headgear and all, so she thought she’d try to be as pretty as a princess– that’s why she decked out her headgear with stars and sparkly things.

alliesadventures3alliesadventures4 Isn’t that the ugliest baby you’ve ever seen?!alliesadventures5 This is the bum in the box that Allie meets on her solo walk around the block. A crazy war vet, this hobo lost his legs to the war– did I mention he lost his mind, too? He’s CONVINCED that the Flood’s going to happen again. So he’s prepared. He’s got a cardboard box. He thinks that all those people in cars made the unintelligent choice of a large piece of metal with four tires…. That won’t float! CLEARLY his cardboard box is going to make it, as it’s made of paper, which comes from trees, and trees are made out of…. wood. And wood floats. (Kinda like duck-witch-Monty-Python logic). So he’s ready for the Flood, and preaches to Allie about getting her own cardboard box.


2 thoughts on “Allie’s Adventure

  1. LOL! I love Allie! she is such a great character! It would be awesome to see her pencil tests!

  2. haha thanks Marcos 😀 Yeah I like her a lot too, maybe after I’m done with my film I’ll send her on her merry way around the block in a few pencil tests of sorts 😀

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