Albino Candy Corn & Sork

albino candy corn 1

albino cc2

I didn’t know candy corns got albinos, too!!

So now the sork story.

Tonight I went out with a couple of friends to grab some dinner. Went to a Chinese place, ordered take-out, waited some 25 minutes and received our orders, then zoomed back to school to eat in the cubes.

I hadn’t dug around much in my bag, but I didn’t seem to notice any eating utensils. I’d commented that I hoped they included a fork, or at least chopsticks.

Upon sitting down to eat and further inspecting the contents of my take-out bag, I realized that the restaurant had, in fact, forgotten to include eating utensils. A starving art student would, of course, be in complete lack of utensils (sans plastic spoons, which were way over in the dorms). I was going to use pencils or paintbrushes as chopsticks, but then my roomie handed me a couple of left-over wires from the sculpture project and asked if I could make chopsticks out of them.

Not necessarily chopsticks, but I did indeed invent the sork!


One holds the sork like so:


where food (in this particular case, chicken chow mein) is scooped up on the bottom prong and held between that and the upper prong. The middle finger helps stabilize the sork, whilst the index finger and thumb hold the handle.

It worked, I tell you. It never fell apart more than two times (had it not been made of 2 wires, that wouldn’t be a problem).  And, I ate the whole box of chicken chow mein with it. 😛

…Now all I have to worry about is lead poisoning! (Oh joy! Mehopes those wires weren’t painted in China… Apparently they’re not ‘the cheap stuff’, so the possibility them being painted with lead-based paint is relatively low)….

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