CalArts Update

So CalArts pretty much does this:

The food’sย  nowhere as bad as it was rumored– today we had curly fries (greasy goodness) as a side dish; churros were lingering yesterday… and I just made it sound like they serve us nothing healthy ๐Ÿ˜› Peaches are popular from the salad bar, and the breakfast sandwiches are pretty darned tasty. (Just don’t ask for the pancakes; you’ll get scolded in a thick accent that they don’t have pancakes).

Dorm is nice and roomy! My piles of stuff are starting to grow on the floor, unfortunately– (Amazon is quit addicting, I’ve found, and I’ve got empty packaging up the kazoo). Actually I did clean up a lot of stuff today– because my cube’s in working order!

So what’s a cube?! A cubicle– at an ART SCHOOL?!

Well for us character animators, we get cubicles withย  tables, cabinets and a giant hole in the desk.

Giant hole in the desk?! you ask– wait, I’m not done!! The giant hole is, of course, for our animation disc.


It’s a lot lighter during the day, I promise ๐Ÿ˜€ We also get cabinets to store our swag in. I was really pleased that all my supplies fit happily in here!


I have yet to decorate my cube– my neighbor Michael painted up his walls with a hot orange and bright blue with excellent results; I was thinking about painting diagonal bright yellow and green stripes on my walls, but then decided that they’re going to get covered up (or they BETTER get covered up) so I shouldn’t even worry about wall color. Already they’re starting to collect new artwork ๐Ÿ˜€

Oh, a bit more on dorm life! Here’s Gimpy Quartet, the guardian of our dorm.



We had decorated our room number with googley eyes and a froggie, but the RA came by and told me to take it down because it was vandalism! Pah! It was artistic outrcry and DEFINITELY a much-needed visual improvement. Art school consists of art, right?

….And laundry-bag sack races down the halls:


They were going so fast even the camera couldn’t see that well ๐Ÿ˜›


Tharr be a snippet of my most recent perspective project….


My feeble attempts at my first run cycle (based off of the teacher’s examples). Tonight’s animation class was crazy! Our teacher completely brought life to a series of little scribbly drawings…. he drew them out for us, explaining every single step and subtle movement, then shot it and played it for us on the lunchbox (recorder machine). We were jumping around and yelling and acting like complete loonies after seeing the demonstration– it was so exciting, so motivating and sooo awesome that we all wanted to get up to our cubes and start animating immediately! However, other projects (such as said perspective project) get priority over making fluffy little jumping bunnies that aren’t actually assigments… yet.

Here’s a shot of the Main Gallery:


Amazingly there’s nothing much in the view here. (Granted, it was taken at 2:30 AM)…ย  Earlier was a crazy gallery opening party with lotsa music, from a reggae band to experimental drawn-out electric notes to voice over techno (reminiscent of Spar by Emily Hay). Lots of different styles here! It’s great how everyone can do their own thing and realllly explore what it is they’re interested in. (So, so inspiring!) ๐Ÿ˜€

And now for some random pics of stuff in my cube ๐Ÿ˜›


Yay! Well I think that about sums up CalArts life so far. It was great to move into the cubes today– ah yeah, before yesterday, the cabinets were busted and there was no electrical in my desk, so they exchanged it for something with a functioning bulb holder (light table) and cabinets that actually close! So I’m glad to be finally integrated into cube life. It’s really nice having a secluded art-only area all to myself! (I went with a single cube, quite possibly the last one available, eeek– cube signups was quite an experience, which took almost 24 hours itself haha!) Hopefully I’ll get my mitts on someone’s camera so I can take some higher-quality pics of my life drawing. (Everyone here is so GOOOOD!!!! So many different styles! So many different techniques! So much awesomeness!)ย  Life drawing is 7 hours long (we get the 4th off for lunch, so it’s really 6 hours)– seems like the morning is for warming up and ‘classical’ drawing, then the last 3 hours are more ‘awake’ (in the sense of being up more and having been fed)– hence, are excellent for caricatured life drawing (such as the first image on this blog post).

I’m taking 10 classes (19 units): Basic Perspective, Beginning Story Development, Color and Design I, Intro to Digital Production, Beginning CGI Animation, Music Cultures: Latin America, What is Philosophy?, Beginning Life Drawing, Beginning Traditional Animation, and Story for Animators. (phew!) Teachers seem like they’re pretty cool! They all have a lot of industry experience, with lots of fun tales to tell and many many mannny cartoons, clips and short films to watch! ๐Ÿ˜€

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