Creature Feature: Mr. Chompy


It’s our furry, fanged friend that the spotlight’s on for this Creature Feature! I hope to make postings to this series somewhat often, at least during the summer, or what’s left of it 🙂

First off, a little history about Mr. Chompy. It was one terribly nonproductive class period in Yearbook back in October ’05 that this drawing simply happened on a whiteboard:


Ultimately, the bad case of flared fangs, unmanicured nails and pointed ears all led to his name, Mr. Chompy. See that badly-scrawled “Save ->” in the bottom-left? That actually sustained the original Mr. Chompy’s life to a full two weeks, during which no rude additive modifications or detractions were made. Already, this critter had two full weeks of publicity and was getting RESPECT from countless high schoolers! Proud that he managed to survive on a white board that long, he started making appearances in my sketchbook and other various places….


…one being a Crayola crayons-and-watercolors piece demonstrating what it means to be an Effective Communicator. Notice the shredded pages of the book all over the floor in conjunction with the book he’s holding onto. Yes, I think the pumpkin completely got the concept Mr. Chompy was trying to get across to him– as the pumpkin’s got fanged teeth, too (or lack thereof?).


He also made a bowtie-and-top hat appearance on a friend’s binder. I’m not quite sure what became of this rendition, but I’m sure he helped effectively communicate whatever she was studying to her…. hehe…

It’s been noted over time that “Mr. Chompy <3’s _____!”– fill in the blank with something you despise (bagpipes, for instance) and he’ll have a grand time munching it up for you.


Or, in the event of something to be proud or happy of,  “Mr. Chompy <3’s _____!” could be filled in with something positive:


Also, Mr. Chompy was the first of the painted critters series I did a couple of summers ago, which was inspired by Olly K. He now graces the wall of the living room.

Mr. Chompy in acrylics

Sometimes, I envy Mr. Chompy’s amazing dental hygiene. Then again, he is a vegetarian, as most people seem to give their undesired veggies to him.  I would never want my teeth to be that flared!

I do tend to wonder how Mr. Chompy is capable of so much chomping while his complete upper row of teeth is so splayed. But, leave it to Chompy, he’ll chew and tear just about anything apart. (“Will it Chomp?” may be an interesting take on “Will it Blend?”). He’s not a mean-hearted creature, oh no– just look at that toothy grin! How could anything BAD come of that?

Speaking of those teeth, there has been some mild concern over the amount that he bares in his different appearances. Much like a shark, Mr. Chompy is prone to losing one of those daggerous fangs every so often. And they grow back. So that’s why the tooth count is never the same.

Although I am not entirely sure what species of animal Mr. Chompy is,  the most interesting comment I’ve heard is that he’s a dragon. Yesss, he’s got the sharp fangs and claws going on; but last I checked, I don’t recall dragons having mangy, scraggly blue fur…. And as flamingos apparently turn pink because of a diet of shrimp, Mr. Chompy’s blue complexion may well be the result of too many blueberries.

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