Ray Gun!

First project for my 3D Modeling class. Did have a ‘prototype’ we had to try to model around, but added some extra glowy things for fun.
Made with Maya.
And here’s a glow-ring tulip I whipped up today:
Yay for glow rings!

4 thoughts on “Ray Gun!

  1. Wow, very impressive – especially that ray gun! Where did you get the textures from? How many polygons are in those? I’m envious of your newfound 3D abilities. All I can make are teapots 😀

  2. ahhh textures were kinda just self-made in Maya; the glowing was result of a .. .I think a flat texture with “special effects” turned on and cranked up, the glassyness is from an anisotropic texture with high opacity, and I think most of the other parts are blinn (which is kinda shiny plasticy goodness). The tulip’s patchyness was from a ramp (aka gradient) with the wave noise cranked way up.
    Polygons? Probably not that many, to be honest– I did do higher-polygon renders of the raygun later, which are only smoother than what you see here; the tulip couldn’t be any more than a few hundred polygons, if even that (it was made with nurbs, which are basically like vector pen lines like you’d find in Flash or Illustrator, then the polygons just kinda follow along and turn out super-sculpted and smooth)– the raygun’s all polygonal, made from a cube at first (if you can believe that! hehe) and then smoothed and rounded a bunch (but could have been moreso on the main green body… whatever!)
    Yay teapots! Those were the days.. they don’t even have insta-teapot options anymore XD

  3. Hey Tahnee!!!! As ever, way to go! Both your ray-gun and tulip of great 3D-effects, you can really see some good modelling there.

    It seems that whatever you set your hand to, you excel at! It’s great to be able to encourage you publicly like this as well as in our emails 🙂

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