Oh my Gouache!


That’s the result of an entire weekend’s worth of work.


There are all the 169 little bits of .5″x.5″ color swatches, all painted with gouache, pre-rubber cement…


And there are all the un-cut paint swatches!

My oh my is Color, Light and Theory turning out to be a strenuous class.

5 thoughts on “Oh my Gouache!

  1. The top two look like a light is shining on them at an angle thus making some parts brighter than others. Nice. Well done!

    One of those things that’s probably quite boring to do … like practising musical scales …. but you learn how colour works with it and can put it to good use.

    From what I know of your work Tahnee, you’ll go a long way with this despite how difficult you’re finding gouache to work with 🙂

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