Hawaii Trip Update 1!!!

Well I’m on the fourth day of my Hawaiian cruise, and so far we’ve seen nothing of Hawaii– but give us a couple more days and we’ll land there!

PICTURES TO BE UPLOADED WHEN I HAVE FASTER INTERNETWe’re sailing out of LA– the trip over to Hawaii takes 5 days, then we’ll spend 5 days at the islands and then take another 5 days to ride home (with a pit-stop in Encenada; I plan on staying on the boat for that one).
Days have been jam-packed with trivia games, (lots of chances to win luggage tags, and yet the only tie my team won was when they were giving away card wallets on lanyards. Prolly be handy when we get to the beaches).
I’m sailing on the Diamond Princess, which is on par with the Grand Princess as far as size goes. (This is NOT a small ship!) We’ve been hitting some pretty rocky seas, and even I felt a little queasy at times. Weather’s been cloudy, as is seen by the lovely shot below:
I guess this is a good thing, otherwise I might be suffering a sunburn by now.
The ship’s nice, the service is good and the food is tasty. Oh! And the shows are bright and flashy! So far I haven’t run into anything bad in the entertainment department– and even watching other people on board learning to hula dance was quite entertaining.
There are lots of interesting people on board– they come from abroad; the majority are from the US, but we’ve got a handful from Canada, Australia and Europe as well. What’s nice is that 100% of the people are… NOT ON CELL PHONES! (I knew there was something nice about being stranded out at sea, away from cell towers– save your braincells from radiation, at least)– but because we’re away from cell towers is likely not the only reason why people are not on their cell phones. I think the biggest reason is that 95% of those who aren’t using cell phones (100% of the ship’s population) are at least seventy years old, some easily ranging into their nineties, possibly even a few hundreds. (This means that there are two speeds of walking: slow and slower).
Let’s say it’s a little lonely so far. Who knew so many elderly people liked cruising?
And yes, there are little kids running amok as well– the funny thing is is you can’t tell the drunks from those who are sober by watching people walk down the halls. Due to the dramatic swaying that we’re getting on board from all the swells in the ocean, a 5-year-old’s walking doesn’t look any different from someone who’s had a few too many drinks. Everyone gets away with staggering on this ship!
And sometimes it’s really easy to– literally — fly up the steps. A few seconds later, lifting your legs to go up one step at a time feels waaay too taxing on the body.
But with all those delicious deserts one has to work out somehow…!
I’m not sure about the ballroom dance lessons either. We’ve got a couple of older folks teaching the class, and I don’t think the woman trusts the man (there are many awkward pauses)– it appears that he’s forgotten some of the dance steps, so I don’t blame her for not trusting him…

And now, for a visual review of the trip so far! We had a balcony, deck 12; here’s the view looking down:
And, my car is one among the many, parked during our vacation’s duration:
There was an unbelievable amount of luggage, these kept coming and going:
And all the luggage was delivered into the ship via eeeepy machines:
Leaving San Pedro…
we caught sight of the Ever Uberty carrier ship!
(how’d they come up with that title? Were there geeks in charge?)
We left into the blue.
And on our way out, LA was a bright, sparkley sight:
And that’s the last we saw of the west coast.

In the meantime, I have to wonder about this sign that’s on my bunkbed:
Kinda hard to watch your head when your eyes are in your head, isn’t it?
….And with that, you prolly won’t see another post for a few more days…. Until I get to Hawaii!!!

PS I just heard that we’re having gnarly weather and reverse-911 calls due to mudslides?? O_O keep safe guys! Send calm-weather karma!

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  1. hehe sounds like the cruise is fun yeay sorry your a little lonely umm well the weather out here has been raining and there are people without power but it’s…….. umm just rain :p not even that hard just a lot of it. Good luck on your trip ^^

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