VALUE BLiND was Tahnee Gehm's first-year film at CalArts as a Character Animator.

(Or, if you prefer YouTube, you can watch it there as well).

Screenings and Recognitions

VALUE BLiND played at CalArts' Open Show, Bijou Festival and CalArts' Producers' Show 2009.

8th Annual Readymade Film Fest, 2009

Young Cinema ART Festival in Plock, Poland

FIA09 International Animation Festival in Montevideo, Uruguay

2009 Nickelodeon Animation Festival finalist

VALUE BliND is a film meant for open interpretation.

I originally envisioned that VALUE BLiND would be a metaphor for how people should be more open-minded.

Though VALUE BLiND does have a definite set of intended symbols and interpretations, what I found most interesting about it was that everyone I showed it to came up with their own unique interpretation of the film. I found that it is a more personally important film in the sense that people can identify with it and find their own bond between themselves and it. So I encourage you to find your own meaning within it when watching it! Hope you enjoy. (And, if it doesn't make much sense, I hope you at least enjoy the artwork and animation!)