Stop-Go Animation

These animations were created using the aid of a webcam, Macromedia Flash and numerous monsters, toys, and the occasional mannequin.

Attack of the Frog
My first stop-go, thanks to my webcam... I just took handy objects laying around my computer (a model mannequin, a plush frog keychain and a finger puppet monster) and animated them.

Attack of the Frog 2, + Monster Juggling
More complex than AOTF, I used strings... ooh special! Just had the mannequin posed in a way that I thought "oooh I could do another anim w/ that!" so... It's a little choppy at times because of filming stress. :D

dEath :: I made this with a friend. It features dancing finger puppets who then multiply under a box after fighting and then getting eaten. BEWARE! This is a HUGE file to download!!! I advise all 56k'ers NOT to view this one, because it'll take forever and a day to load.

Slugron Legacy :: I created a critter called a Slugron... Half dragon, half slug. Anyway, My friend and I decided to make a stop-go of it and had absolutely no idea on where it was going. It's really random. He burns stuff. I did some lame animating in Flash (the fires). It's another HUGE file!